When You Should Buy New Tires

When You Should Buy New Tires

When you can feel your vehicle's handling is not as reliable or you haven't changed your tires within the last ten years, it's recommended that you change your tires. After you've had the same set of tires for at least five years, you should have your tires thoroughly inspected yearly. Learn more about the signs you need to buy new tires here, then visit our Honda dealership near Philadelphia, PA, to buy new tires or for tire repairs and service!

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What Causes Tire Damage?

There are many causes of tire damage. First, the age and wear of your tires are two main factors. If you drive frequently and have not bought new tires, you're likely going to need new tires as they've suffered extensive wear and tear and will have less grip. Other main factors that induce damage to your tires include road conditions. If there's potholes, speed bumps or other climate-related issues such as extreme temperatures or rain, snow and ice, your tires will suffer from additional wear and tear. Other factors that might cause damage to your tires:

  • Speeding
  • Underinflated or overinflated tires
  • Improper wheel alignment that was not corrected
  • Not balancing or rotating tires
  • Using the wrong tires in the wrong conditions

Are My Tires Worn Out?

If the tread is worn, you'll be able to tell by visiting our Honda service center and having our expert Honda tire technicians take a look at your vehicle. If your tire tread is worn beyond the recommended tread depth levels, you're going to need to buy new tires. Or, you can check your tire tread depths yourself with a tire tread depth gauge. Signs that your tires are worn can include:

  • Uneven tread depths
  • Shallow treads
  • General tire damage
  • Damaged valve caps

Buy New Tires at Conicelli Honda

Once you determine you need to replace your tires, head over to Conicelli Honda. The Honda service techs at our Honda dealer in Conshohocken can handle all your tire repairs and replacement needs. Buy new tires at Conicelli Honda or ask us about tire maintenance tips to ensure you maximize the life of your tires! Schedule a service appointment at our Conshohocken Honda service center today.