When your vehicle has trouble starting or you notice the lights dimming it is time to replace your car battery. Car batteries require replacement every four to six years, but we recommend looking out for warning signs that your battery is losing it's charge so that you don't get stuck and need a jump-start.  At Conicelli Honda we help drivers find the right battery for their vehicle and provide expert battery service for Conshohocken and the greater Philadelphia area.

When to Schedule Battery Service

Needing jump-starts, strange power fluctuations, and long turnover times are all indicators that your battery charge may be low. While our team is here to recommend high-quality batteries that match your vehicle and driving needs, we also provide battery cable replacements, battery cleanings to help you get the most out of your current battery's lifespan.

Getting the Most Out of Your Battery

Your driving habits, the driving conditions and the weather conditions all affect the lifespan of your battery.  All elements of your vehicle rely on the battery, so it's critical to know when your battery is most stressed and how to keep your battery in the best possible condition. To maximize your battery life we recommend:

  • Not Using Electronics While Idling
  • Keep Your Battery Fastened Tightly
  • Limit Short Drives
  • Control Battery Corrosion

Find the Right Battery for Winter

According to AAA's Automotive Research Center, at 32 degrees Fahrenheit your car's battery loses 35 percent of its strength, and at zero degrees Fahrenheit, a car's battery loses about 60 percent of its strength.  The cold slows the chemical reaction inside the battery and could prevent your vehicle from starting. Fortunately, we carry car batteries that can handle the cold and start in any cold wave.

Learn more about our available Honda batteries and have your questions answered by our factory trained technicians at 610-828-1400 or click here to schedule a service appointment!

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