Change your life, without changing your lifestyle

AutoPayPlus matches your pay cycle and your needs. Accelerating your loan payments will help you get ahead on your personal fiannces without making major sacrifices.

How it works

We'll debit your account biweekly to match your pay schedules. Over a year, the equivalent of one extra loan payment is made, but it's done so gradually, you feel it less.

Do you know the benefits of bi-weekly payments?
  • Convenience
  • Pay Off Loan Faster
  • Set it and forget it with automated ACH debits
  • Match Payments to Paychecks
  • Build Equity Faster
  • Save Money on Interest
  • Improve Cash Flow
  • Owe Less at Trade-in
  • On-time payments to avoid late charges
  • Safer than writing checks and eliminates check cost and stamps
  • 6 Month open enrollment - add unlimited loans for the same program fee
and much more!