Preorder a 2024 Honda Prologue near Norristown, PA

New 2024 Honda Prologue concept art

2024 Honda Prologue

A new era of electrified Honda vehicles is about to kick off with the introduction of the first-ever 2024 Honda Prologue EV. This all-new, all-electric Honda SUV delivers the versatility and performance that Pennsylvania Honda drivers expect from their favorite brand, making it an already highly sought-after model. From its artfully sculpted lines to the expertly designed Prologue interior, every aspect of this new Honda electric vehicle is set to impress. Want to be among the first to get the keys to the new Honda Prologue EV? While the 2024 Honda Prologue release date is expected to arrive sometime in 2024, you can visit our Honda dealership near Norristown now to find out how you can reserve a spot on our Prologue preorder list!

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